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Uses of the Yacker Tracker

The Yacker Tracker is used world wide in an assortment of ways, don't let us limit your immagination, and let us know how you use yours!

Yacker Tracker


From K-12 through to study halls of the University library. Lending a simple reminder of noise level goes a long way at any age.

  • • In cafeterias to curtail lunch time noise
  • • In individual classrooms as a student self-monitoring noise level device (Nursery schools all the way through high school classrooms)
  • • In school and public libraries
  • • Substitute teachers bring them with them to classrooms as a novel way to keep the students paying attention – giving rewards for the amount of time the class can keep the green light lit
  • • Theater teachers have used it in the back of their auditoriums encouraging students to set off the red light to show strong projection of their voices
  • • Teachers have used it as a debate facilitator, manually setting off the different colored lights to monitor length of responses


Hospitals around the United States have used the Yacker Tracker to monitor the noise level in various parts of the hospitals (nurseries, waiting rooms, surgery rooms and nurses stations, to name a few)

  • • Nurseries
  • • Waiting Rooms
  • • Surgery Rooms
  • • Nurse Stations
  • • Many many more...


  • • Mines in Australia use Yacker Trackers as a noise monitoring device to keep noise levels under mandated and regulated decibels.
  • • City Halls have used Yacker Trackers to help control noise and also manually to monitor length of speakers in City Counsel Chamber meetings.

Your Suggestions:

  • • works great to get my barking dog to stop barking. Just set the sensativity and let the siren sound. I found he is learning to recognize the flashing yellow light during his I'm-going-to-bark-any-minute phase and shuts up before the bark. He hates that siren.
  • • My eight-year-old son has been crying out in his sleep. We try to wake him from his dream so he can go back to sleep peacefully. The Yacker Tracker works great when it is turned up to a 80dB level and put by his bedside. He shouts out in his sleep; the siren goes off; he wakes enough to stop his dream; and the whole family is happy.
  • • Although I thankfully have yet to test it, I think it would work as an intruder alert when left in an unoccupied room at night. The burgler doesn't have to know that the siren is just from the Yacker Tracker and not an expensive home security system.

Decibel Levels on Yacker Trackers

See our Decibel Llevel breakdown on the Help & FAQ page.


Marian Scadden Cwerks Interactive Theatre   Thank you! Theater teachers--what a group--we're trying to get the kids to be louder while the poor classroom teachers are having to sush the children. I love using the Yacker Tracker because it's such a nice visual. The kids think I'm picking on them when I tell them to repeat/project/ louder. But when I bring out the Yacker Tracker, they can see for themselves--Yay!

Paul Pope, RN BSN ONC Assitant Director of Inpatient Orthopedic Nursing St. Johns Hospital Just wanted to let you know that I plan to use my Yacker Tracker in the nurses station at the hospital where I work. Noise levels, especially at change of shift, continue to be problematic. I am hopeful that the YT will help to raise awareness of noise (particularly voice noise) and its impact on patient comfort.

Janelle Mom   Hello, I just wanted to let you know that we are a family of 9 with 7 adopted children. Most of them have ADHD,ADD,ODD, PTSD, and attachment issues. One of my children screams every night before bed, Another cries like an infant if angry and another just can't control there noise levels. The Yacker Tracker had made everyone in the home aware of the noise they each make and has helped them to gain additional crontol. I thought you should know that a family can use this too. :) Thank You

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Published on May 4, 2012