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Yacker Tracker

Yacker Tracker

To provide a visual signal of too much noise for children and students of all age levels. Intended for adult use in K-12 grades.

The Yacker Tracker® appears to be a traffic signal, but actually signals too much noise. Select the appropriate sound level for any given situation and let the Yacker Tracker® be an audio-visual reminder when the noise level gets too high.

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Product/Package Contents Include:
1 Yacker Tracker, AC Adapter..
  • Yacker Tracker
  • Price: $83.99
  • Shipping: $17.00
  • Total: $100.99

Deluxe Yacker Tracker

Yacker Tracker

The Yacker Tracker® monitors noise levels in the classroom and provides a quiet environment for students to better accomplish their work.

Same great features as the original Yacker Tracker®, # 3030, now with remote! Range for remote is up to 20-feet! Put an end to climbing up and down to adjust the volume, now you can hang your Deluxe Yacker Tracker® anywhere and be in complete control! Requires 2 'AAA' batteries, included. Intended for adult use in K-12 grades.

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Product/Package Contents Include:
1 Deluxe Yacker Tracker, AC Adapter, 1 Remote Control with 2 AAA batteries.
  • Deluxe Yacker Tracker
  • Price: $120.99
  • Shipping: $17.00
  • Total: $137.99

Product Information:

Equipped with longer lasting LED lights eliminating the need for replacement bulbs. Features 2-second delay before the optional siren sounds preventing false alerts resulting from sudden noises. Acceptable levels of noise can be adjusted for quiet activities or louder for group work. Nursery schools with hearing impaired students can use the unit as a visual signal. Drama departments can incorporate this unit as a quiet signal to alert backstage cast members of inappropriate offstage noise. Other features include: voice ("Quiet Please") or siren options; Automatically or manually adjustable lights; Decibel sensitivity control (from 50dB to 110 dB); Self-standing or wall-mountable; Powered by a 120V AC adapter (Included) or 6 AA batteries, sold separately. Optional face stickers for lights.

Product Features:

  • • Traffic light is approximately 17" high.
  • • Unit plugs into AC 120 volt electrical outlet with included UL approved transformer (Input: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz, Output: 9V DC 500mA) or can be used with 6 AA alkaline batteries (sold seperately).
  • • Unit can be self-standing or wall-mounted.
  • • Traffic light is computerized with adjustable sound level meter.
  • • Red light counter registers each time the red light activates. Push reset button to reset counter to zero.
  • • Decibel sensitivity control can be set to operator's choice. Push button to devrease sensitivity. Also offers manual operation option of staying on a given light color.
  • • Option face stickers provided to add the element of emotion ot the lights.
  • • Green light stays lit until noise in room goes above set level (determined by user, green light is replaced with a flashing yellow light as a warning. When sound level reaches 15 dB above set level, the red light and siren are activated.
  • • Voice ("Queit Please" in 4 languages or your own recording) and siren otions. User has the option of turning sounds on or off.
  • • Delayed Alarm Function will sound when noice continues for more than 2 seconds.

Yacker Tracker Bulk Orders

Need more than one? Yacker Tracker and Deluxe Yacker Tracker can be ordered in boxes of 6 at a 5% discount, or for a larger discount get 2 or more boxes of 6 Yacker Trackers and enjoy a 10% discount.

Yacker Tracker Deluxe Yacker Tracker
  • Box of 6
  • Save 5%: $25.20
  • Price: $478.74
  • Shipping: $45.00
  • Total: $523.74

  • (2) Boxes of 6
  • Save 10%: $50.39
  • Price: $453.55
  • Shipping: $45.00
  • Total: $498.55
  • Box of 6
  • Save 5%: $36.30
  • Price: $689.64
  • Shipping: $45.00
  • Total: $734.64

  • (2 or more) Boxes
  • Save 10%: $72.59
  • Price: $653.35
  • Shipping: $45.00
  • Total: 698.35

Replacement Remote

Deluxe Yacker Tracker Remote

Replacement remote for Deluxe Yacker Tracker®.

Whether you need a replacement or an extra remote for a second station or supervised use by others, you can order now or when you need.

Please NOTE: The Remote ONLY works with LED lighted Deluxe Yacker Trackers. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Order yours today for only $15.00 + $5 Shipping..

Power Adapter

Deluxe Yacker Tracker Remote

Replacement Power Adapter for Deluxe Yacker Tracker® & Yacker Tracker®.

Unfortunately, we no longer have Replacement Power Adapter for the older 'Light Bulb' version Yacker Trackers. All units we sell now are LED lighted. We sincerely apologive if this causes any inconvenience.

We ONLY have and sell the adapters for the new LED lighted model Yacker Trackers. We no longer carry the adapters for the older Light Bulb lighted Yacker Trackers, sorry.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

$15.00 + $6 Shipping.

Replacement Light Bulbs

Replacement Bulbs

Replacement Light Bulbs for Deluxe Yacker Tracker® & Yacker Tracker®..

Please NOTE: All current Yacker Tracker units, both the Original Yacker Tracker and the Deluxe Yacker Tracker are manufactured with and only use LED lights; they do not require bulbs and therefore have no need for replacement bulbs..

Yacker no longer sells replacement bulbs directly. We have a few different sources we have found reliable that carry the bulbs for the Yacker Trackers units made with bulbs.

1000Bulbs | 1-800-624-4488

Eiko - 1446 Mini Indicator Lamp 12 Volt - 0.2 Amp - G3.5 Bulb - Miniature Screw Base - 10 Pack

Bulb Town | 1-800-385-3148

#428 Miniature Bulb E10 Base - 12.5 Volt .25 Amp 3.125 Watt G4-1/2 Miniature Screw (E10) Base, 2.40 MSCP, C-2V Filament Design, 250 Average Rated Hours. 1.06" (26.90mm) Maximum Overall Length (M.O.L.), 0.55" (14mm) Maximum Outer Diameter (M.O.D.), 0.72" (18.30mm) Light Center Length (L.C.L.).

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Marian Scadden Cwerks Interactive Theatre   Thank you! Theater teachers--what a group--we're trying to get the kids to be louder while the poor classroom teachers are having to sush the children. I love using the Yacker Tracker because it's such a nice visual. The kids think I'm picking on them when I tell them to repeat/project/ louder. But when I bring out the Yacker Tracker, they can see for themselves--Yay!

Paul Pope, RN BSN ONC Assitant Director of Inpatient Orthopedic Nursing St. Johns Hospital Just wanted to let you know that I plan to use my Yacker Tracker in the nurses station at the hospital where I work. Noise levels, especially at change of shift, continue to be problematic. I am hopeful that the YT will help to raise awareness of noise (particularly voice noise) and its impact on patient comfort.

Janelle Mom   Hello, I just wanted to let you know that we are a family of 9 with 7 adopted children. Most of them have ADHD,ADD,ODD, PTSD, and attachment issues. One of my children screams every night before bed, Another cries like an infant if angry and another just can't control there noise levels. The Yacker Tracker had made everyone in the home aware of the noise they each make and has helped them to gain additional crontol. I thought you should know that a family can use this too. :) Thank You

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